How we make decisions

The APVMA can make guidelines under section 6A of the Agvet Code in relation to decisions we make. If we make guidelines under section 6A of the Agvet Code we must have regard to them when performing our functions or exercising our powers. Current 6A guidelines are included in this webpage.

Section 6A guidelines

Section 6A of the Agvet Code states that we may make written guidelines for performing our functions and exercising our powers under the Agvet Code and the Agvet Code Regulations.

Approvals and registrations

Relates to approvals and registrations and covers preliminary assessments, determining applications (including the information we take into account), restrictions on our power to approve or register, conditions on approvals and registrations, and notices of proposed decisions.

Preliminary assessment

Relates to preliminary assessment, what we mean by, and what we take into account in conducting, a preliminary assessment.


Relates to issuing permits and covers applying for permits and what we take into account in determining permit applications. It also covers the conditions we impose on permits and the duration and extension of permits.


Relates to issuing licences and covers exemptions from licensing, the process of applying for and determining applications for licences, the particulars and conditions of licences, and suspensions and cancellations of licences.

Recategorising applications

Covers the circumstances in which we will recategorise an application.

Altering applications

Covers the circumstances in which we will consider altering applications, and how we will obtain consent.

Limits on use of information

Relates to our powers under Division 4A of Part 2 of the Agvet Code and covers general rules concerning limits on use of information and the exceptions to the limits on use of information.

Reconsidering approvals and registrations

Relates to reconsidering approvals and registrations and covers initiating reconsiderations, giving notice and obtaining information for the purposes of the reconsideration, and the process of reconsideration

Varying relevant particulars and conditions

Relates to varying relevant particulars and conditions and covers applications for variation of relevant particulars and conditions of approvals and registrations, and variation on our own initiative.

Module Descriptors

The required modules to apply for different types of applications.

Formulation types

The purpose of this Guideline is to set out, for agricultural chemical products, formulation types recognised by the APVMA pursuant to reg 3 of the Agvet Regulations.

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