Molinate reconsideration completed

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has completed its reconsideration of molinate, a pesticide used exclusively for the control of barnyard grass and silver top grass in flooded rice paddies in Australia.

Following a review of the latest scientific information, the APVMA is satisfied products containing molinate can be used safely in accordance with updated label directions to ensure safe levels of exposure are not exceeded.

The updated label directions will:

  • restrict the application methods to aerial application via SCWIIRT technology by helicopter or Bickley boom by fixed wing aircraft
  • remove the highest application rate (5.2 L/ha)
  • include specific instructions on how the products must be handled and limits on the amount of product a person can handle per day to ensure safe levels of exposure are not exceeded. This change also requires that the person mixing and loading the product is not the same person that is applying the product (i.e. the pilot)
  • be updated to include buffer zones to account for spray drift on to sensitive areas in accordance with the APVMA’s current approach to spray drift.

The APVMA will vary the most recent labels for molinate products to include the updated directions. Older stock bearing the previous label can be legally used for up to 2 years following the date of the variation of the old label (25 February 2022).

There are 2 products registered by the APVMA containing molinate – Sirion Herbicide and Ordram Herbicide. Information about APVMA-approved products is available on the APVMA’s PubCRIS database.

More information about the reconsideration, including a copy of the varied label, is available on the APVMA website.

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