Module Descriptors

What is this guideline about?

This guideline is:

  1. made pursuant to section 6A of the Agvet Code.
  2. designed to inform the APVMA and applicants the modules to apply for different types of applications. Assessment fees and assessment periods are based on the modules and module levels recommended by this guideline. Within the guideline a link is provided to the information required for each module level.
  3. NOT the law. The APVMA will have regard to it, but from time to time may depart from it when working out what modules are necessary for a particular application to undergo. Where an applicant does not consider a particular recommended module, or level, is relevant to their application, they may apply for Pre-application assistance or the applicant may proceed to lodge their application acknowledging it may be delayed through re-categorisation or rejection.
  4. designed to be read top down. Once your application meets a module level descriptor your application should be submitted with that module and level. If no module level has been described for the application type by the end of the descriptors for a Module it is likely that module is not necessary.
  5. is updated from time to time.

Definition of terms