Search registered chemical products and permits

The APVMA maintains current details about agricultural and veterinary chemical products registered for use in Australia or which may be available for off-label use under a minor-use permit.

There are two main ways of accessing this information:

PUBCRIS database

The database includes the product name, registering company, active constituents and product category (e.g. insecticide, fungicide or herbicide).

This database, includes the product name, registering company, active constituents, product category, and host and pest information. Once you locate a product in PUBCRIS, in most cases, you will also be able to see a copy of the product's label.

This database currently does not include information on stopped, cancelled, suspended, or archived products.

Dataset for registered chemical products and approved actives

A dataset containing agricultural and veterinary chemical products and approved active constituents is available for download. This contains the same information that is available when searching registered chemical products on our website.

The dataset is freely available on

Permits database

The Permits database allows you to search for products that may be available under a minor use permit for off-label use (that is, for a use not authorised by the registration conditions of use).

This database allows you to search by the name of the product or active chemical, by the permit number (if you know it) or by the crop/animal you want to treat or by the pest or purpose that you need to manage. The database also allows you to filter by date ranges or by a specific state.

iPhone app

Information in the PUBCRIS and Permits databases are now available in a handy free mobile app for iPhone (and should be generally suitable for iPad users as well).

In addition to the details available in the online databases, the APVMA mobile app also includes access to information about stopped, cancelled, suspended and archived products. The app has some enhanced search features and will offer suggestions from partially completed search terms. It has a favourites option for fast retrieval in the future and will allow you to email search results for selected products.

As well as the enhanced search features, you can also browse the database by category—agricultural, veterinary, household, pool chemicals and other industry products—or use the A-Z listing.

The permits module was introduced in the second release of the app in April 2013. With the addition of this module, the app also allows you to search for permits in a very similar manner to the product registration searches.

Remember, you’ll need an active data connection to search across the database when using this app. Whenever you ‘favourite’ a search, that saved search will always call up the most current data available in our databases, even if the database has been updated in the meantime.

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For technical support, feature enhancement requests or queries please contact us.

The APVMA is working on a solution to suit other smartphone and mobile device users.

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