Decision tree

The decision tree is the first step in assisting you to complete an application. It guides you to the correct application form (item number), based on your responses to each question. It also provides you with a unique identifying number—the decision ID—which is needed to start an online application.

It is important that you answer the questions in the decision tree correctly so that your application can be processed efficiently.

Using the correct form helps prevent delays in processing your application, as it reduces the likelihood of the application being recategorised or refused.

  • The decision tree is available from Online services.
  • The decision tree will determine which application form to use. Read more information about application types, timeframes and fees.

Decision ID

A decision ID is a unique reference number assigned by the decision tree. You will need a decision ID to start an application in Online services.

To complete an application using your decision ID, you must be a registered user of APVMA Online services.
  • To use the decision ID number you need to choose the application type (item number) provided in the decision tree outcome and enter the decision ID number to start the application.
  • When logged in, registered users can save their decision tree outcome—their decision ID—to their Online services profile.
  • Registered users can access a list of their decision IDs when logged in to Online services.
  • If using the decision tree without being registered and logged in, applicants need to take note of the decision ID and the application type (item number) to use, if intending to complete an online application in the future.

Tailored guidance material for common application types

Whether you're registering a new product or making a variation, we're making it easier with tailored guidance material that provides clear information for that application type before you enter our online services portal. Access the new tailored guidance for applicants.

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