Our structure

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Roles and responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer: Dr Chris Parker

Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Ms Lisa Croft

Risk Assessment Capability

Provides scientific assessments that underpin registration decisions.

  • Executive Director: Dr Jason Lutze
    • Chemistry and Manufacture: Dr Samuel Margerison
    • Environmental Assessment: Ms Janine Knight
    • Health Assessment: Ms Sheila Logan
    • Residues and Trade: Mr James Deller

Registration Management

Processes and evaluates applications to register products, permits and active constituents and manages the interface with clients.

  • Executive Director: Mr Alan Norden, Dr Rachel Chay (A/g)
    • Case Management and Administration: Mr Brendan Wright (A/g)
    • Minor Use: Mr Peter Macleod
    • Pesticides: Dr Maria Trainer, Ms Bronwyn Battisson, Mr Hugh Dawick 
    • Pre-evaluation and Quality: Ms Caroline Harvey (A/g), Ms Gaye Weller
    • Veterinary Medicines: Dr Martin Ilott, Dr Donald Sibanda (A/g)

Office of the Chief Regulatory Scientist

Manages scientific quality and postmarket activities.

  • Chief Regulatory Scientist: Dr Maggie Hardy
    • Chemical Review: Dr Nial Gursanscky
    • Compliance and Monitoring: Mr Steven Harris
    • Science and Manufacturing: Dr Prue Oxford 


Ensures the integrity of the regulatory framework through audit, coordination and sound legal advice.

  • General Counsel: Ms Susan Hynes

Corporate Services

Provides systems and support to all operations.

  • Director: Mr Keith Lockyer
    • Corporate Projects: Mr Lucas Kiel
    • Finance: Ms Joanne Akerman
    • Human Resources and Development: Ms Justine Roarty
    • Infrastructure, ICT and Procurement: Mr David Stephenson
    • Parliamentary and Communications: Mr Brendan Wright

Service Improvement and Integration

Ensures the objectives of the APVMA digital strategy are delivered to support the transition to the APVMA Armidale business model.

  • Executive Director: Mr Bob Smith
    • Business Intelligence and Improvement: Mr David Perry


Responsible for governance, risk and quality assurance.

  • Director: Mr Damien Alexander (A/g)

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