Accountability and reporting

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has made the following resources available to meet our obligations under the Australian Government’s performance reporting framework:

Corporate reports and plans

Financial reporting

Other reporting

The program framework and related deliverables and performance indicators are detailed further in the APVMA's component of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry's Portfolio Budget Statements.

Annual product sales data

Annual product sales data for agvet products, published by the APVMA under the Information Publication Scheme.

APS Employee Census

The APVMA's results for the annual Australian Public Service Employee Census.

Contracts over $100,000

A list of contracts entered into by the APVMA over $100,000 or more, as required by the Senate Order for entity contracts.

Gifts and benefits

Details of any gifts and benefits the Chief Executive Officer or their immediate family has accepted and retained for personal use.

Indexed list of files

A list of all files we’ve created or updated in the past 12 months, as required by Senate Order 12 ( the Harradine report).

Information Publication Scheme

The information we must publish to meet our FOI obligations.

Legal expenditure

Our total legal expenditure (GST exclusive) per financial year.

Performance statistics

Our quarterly performance statistics reports.

Portfolio budget statements

The APVMA's portfolio budget statements inform senators and members of parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to government outcomes by agencies within Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's portfolio.

Regulator Performance Framework

The Regulator Performance Framework is part of an Australian Government requirement for all regulators and sets out how we intend to measure and report our performance each year.

Statutory appointments

The APVMA's current statutory appointments.

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