Spraying chemicals

Always check the safety and use directions on the product label – or permit instructions – to know when to spray and how much.

Label directions on registered products are based on assessments and approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Labels state when to spray and how much to be effective, while minimising exposure to users, animals, the environment – and the community.

The product label will say when to spray and how much – and what protective clothing to wear.

Chemical drift, also referred to as spray drift, must be avoided and can be dangerous. Whether using an insect spray at home or an agricultural spray on a farm, following the label or permit instructions reduces everyone’s exposure. Farmers should follow the operating principals in relation to spray drift risk.

A products effectiveness (efficacy) is scientifically assessed by the APVMA during the registration process, based on being used as directed on the product label. This means the product should be used exactly as directed or it may not work as expected.

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