Lures and attractants

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has prepared the following decision tree to assist applicants in determining whether a lure or attractant product requires registration. This decision tree is based on the definition of:

  • an agricultural chemical product in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994
  • products declared not to be agricultural chemical products in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Regulations 1995. 

Please note: The decision tree may help you to determine whether your product falls within the scope of the legislation, but is not a substitute for the legislation. If you require further assistance, you should consider applying for pre-application assistance, where the APVMA can provide advice specific to your proposed product or use pattern.

Does a lure or attractant product require registration?

1. If the lure or attractant is:

  • an invertebrate pest management lure based on food and not containing any active constituent – registrationi not required
  • a vertebrate pest management lureiiregistration not required
  • neither of the above – go to question 2.

2. If the lure or attractant is used (or claimed to be used) to:

  • attract a pest for the purpose of destroying it – registration required
  • stupefy a pest, or:
    • repel a pest
    • inhibit feeding of a pest
    • prevent infestation by or attacks of a pest
    • modify the physiology of a pest
    • modify an effect of another agricultural chemical product – registration required.
  • attract a pest for a purpose other than to destroy it (e.g. monitoring or detectioniii) and not for any of the purposes described above – go to question 3.

3. If the lure or attractant is used with another agvet product or active constituent:

4. If the lure or attractant and the agvet product are marketed, packaged and supplied:

  • as a single product – registration required
  • separately, but the intention or claim is to use the attractant and the agvet product together – registration required.

Or a permit, in instances where the use meets APVMA permit criteria.
ii Excluding vertebrate pest management lures that also contain an active constituent (for example bait).
iii Activities with the primary purpose of destruction are not considered monitoring/detection activities. However, it is acknowledged that monitoring/detection activities may result in incidental destruction of some pests.

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