Change a holder or nominated agent

An application to change the holder or nominated agent must be made through the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority's (APVMA) Online Services Portal.

Our Online Services Portal allows holders and nominated agents to submit and check the status of their applications and transact with the APVMA in a secure environment.

There is no option to submit the application using a paper form, although supporting information, such as a dossier, can currently be provided separately in paper form.

Applications to appoint or change a nominated agent (8M or 8P) or to change the holder (8L) must meet the application requirements in accordance with APVMA legislation and must be accompanied by:

The APVMA will assess the application in accordance with the legislation and determine the success of the application within one month of the application being lodged.

We will begin assessment of an application only after the application has been lodged. The application is lodged when you provide the APVMA with the application information via the Online Services Portal accompanied by any other information specified by the legislative instrument.

Once you submit the application, you have 7 days to submit any other information as specified by the legislative instrument. If within this period, you do not submit the other information specified by the legislative instrument, you are taken to have lodged the application.

We will notify you that your application has been received within 10 days of it being lodged.

The APVMA will record the change of holder or nominated agent in the record or register if we are satisfied that:

  • the application meets the application requirements
  • appropriate consent has been provided.

Any amount payable to us must be paid before we can complete our evaluation.

The APVMA must refuse the application if either:

  • the application does not meet the application requirements (this includes not meeting the requirements of an APVMA notice or request for additional information within the allocated timeframe or providing an inadequate response)
  • appropriate consent has not been provided.

Required information

The online application must be accurately completed and the application must be accompanied by the $50 fee. The legislation includes penalties for the provision of false or misleading information.

You will be required to provide certain information that is specified in the legislative instrument to support your application. When the application is made, the following information may be required to be contained in or accompany the application:

  • Written consent of the proposed holder consenting to be the holder of the approval or registration (see sample letters in the section above)
  • Written consent of the proposed nominated agent to be the nominated agent of the approval or registration (see sample letters in the section above)

When changing the holder of an approval or registration, if the proposed holder is not a resident of, and does not carry on business in, Australia, there must be a nominated agent. In this case, the 8L application must include written consent to the appointment by the proposed nominated agent (see sample letter in the section above).

A nominated agent may at any time give a signed written request to the APVMA to withdraw from being the nominated agent. The APVMA must be satisfied the nominated agent has notified the holder of the withdrawal before the request can be completed.

To facilitate changes to nominated agents, a separate application and fee are not needed to appoint or vary an agent if the change is made in conjunction with the lodgement of an application to approve, register or vary an active constituent, agvet chemical product or permit. This includes an application to change the holder or a product or active.

Obligation to provide any information relating to adverse experiences associated with the use of an agricultural chemical.

Request for further information

If we require any clarification of the information submitted with an application to change the holder or nominated agent, we will contact you requesting this.

You will have a short period from the date of the request in which to provide a response. If a response is not received by the end of this period, a Notice of Proposal to Refuse Application will be issued and all further evaluation of the application will be put on hold until the period stated in the notice expires. If the outcome is for the application to be refused, no further evaluation will be conducted prior to the refusal.

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