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Name Description Related terms
m metre
MAC maximum allowable concentration
MAF multiple application factor
MAMPEC Marine Antifoulant Model to Predict Environmental Concentrations
MC APVMA formulation type code for mosquito coil
ME APVMA formulation type code for micro-emulsion
MEST mouse ear swelling test
mg milligram
mg/kg bw/day

milligram per kilogram per body weight per day

MIC minimal inhibitory concentration or minimum inhibitory concentration

Minimum inhibitory concentration


minimum inhibitory concentration for 50 per cent of strains of the most sensitive relevant organism




micron or micrometre
min minute
mL millilitre
MLS Manufacturers’ Licensing Scheme (for veterinary chemical products)
MLS-ILC Manufacturers’ Licensing Scheme Industry Liaison Committee
mm millimetre

Number average molecular weight

MOA mode of action
MOE margin of exposure
MORAG Manual of requirements and guidelines (the predecessor of the regulatory guidelines)
MOS margin of safety
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPN most probable number
MQL Manufacturing Quality and Licensing
MRA Mutual Recognition Agreements on Conformity Standards
MRL maximum residue limit
mRNA messenger ribonucleic acid
MRP multidrug resistance associated protein
MRT maximum residue tolerance

manufacturer’s specification

MS mass spectrometry
MSL master seed lot
MTD maximum tolerated dose
MU minor use
MV APVMA formulation type code for vaporising mats


Weight average

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