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Name Description Related terms
t-test a formal statistical test that compares means of different (normal) populations with unknown standard deviations
T-value a value used to determine the first aid instructions for chemical products that contain two or more poisons
TAN Trade Advice Notice or Trade Advice Note
TAPM The Air Pollution Model—an atmospheric predictive modelling application
TCID50 the tissue culture infective dose required to infect 50 per cent of the cell culture inoculated
TDAR T-cell-dependent antibody response
TDI tolerable daily intake (World Health Organization)
TER toxicity exposure ratio
TFB OECD Task Force on Biocides
TG test guideline
TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration
TGAC technical grade active constituent
ThOD theoretical oxygen demand
TIMS transgenic and insect management strategies
TLC thin layer chromatography


time to reach the maximum plasma or tissue concentration (of a substance)

TMDI theoretical maximum daily intake
TMI tolerable monthly intake
tMRL temporary maximum residue limit
TOS total organic solids
TSE transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
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